Mobile Blog: Less Blogging As I Gear Up For More Blogging

I realize that I haven't had daily posts and that some of my posts have been less than thought out or complete. I've been spreading my thoughts a little too thin as I gear all of our current projects up.

That being said, Rene & my annual trip to the Sundance Film Festival is coming up & even though we are going to be very busy seeing movies, going to parties & networking I am committed to both LIVE TWEETING & on-site blogging – probably more Mobile Blogs than written on the computer blogs. Pictures will come as they come, & if I'm really focused I'll pop up a video blog or two!

In the mean time I'm still going to make an effort to blog for the few days between now & then & to answer the people who have been asking, no the Sundance Beard project is dead. It'll have to wait until next year.

See you tomorrow!

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