On-Camera Class Starts April 3rd!

In case you haven’t heard, my on-camera acting class at Studio 105 begins this April on Wednesday the 3rd.

I’m very excited about this class. For a long time now (about a decade) I’ve been working with actors young and old to build up their skills and help get them started. Steven’s studio gives me the opportunity to explore that with a whole new group of people. We’ve done some really good work in the studio already and students are already booking work – that’s always my favorite part.

For April we’ll be focusing on improvisation and getting comfortable on the camera. This is a great way to start whether you’re fresh off the bus or a seasoned pro. You’ll get to know your group, make some new friends and on day one do some on-camera work. The nice thing about this month of study is that it isn’t just for actors. The skills we’ll be building are good for students, real estate professionals, sales people and just about anyone who has to deal with the public.

Also, the blog deal is still in effect until the first class! Say “super blog” when you sign up to get your first month for only $175 (normally $250)!

There are still some slots available so check out Studio 105 and secure your spot today!

See you next time.

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