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I’m considering a new project. For those of you who may remember Dean, Rene and I did a project in 2008 call Project 366 where we took pictures of ourselves everyday and posted them to our MySpace pages. It was a fun project that I was happy to be finished with because the pressure to get a “good” picture everyday starts to weigh on ya’.

But then I woke up today.

Part of my morning is to read the blogs I subscribe to. Some are film blogs, some are pure geek, but one of my favorites is Sebastian Clark’s Tuesday Tunes. Seb is a musician and fellow Shmimprover (we got cast at the same Shmimprov Idol show!) and every Tuesday he posts a new song that he had a hand in creating. I look forward to Tuesdays for this very reason. The commitment to creation on a regular basis is a REALLY strong commitment to make and I really admire his dedication to it even though he has certainly faced obstacles trying to do it (including, but not limited to, recording in France, almost getting killed, lack of internet connection while traveling and deciding to go on a European tour a third of the way through.).

So I got to thinking – I kinda’ miss project 366. I want to start a new project. I just watched a show on the History Channel about the end of the world in 2012.

All these things mixed together and fell out of my head like this: Countdown to 2012!

So I think I’m going to take a picture of my self everyday and post it to show a glimpse into a life that may or may not end on December 21, 2012.

So we’re clear – I’m not a doomsday cultist. I don’t think that the world is, in fact, going to end on December 21, 2012. I am fascinated by the whole mystique of it. The ancient connections, the math. I just learned about Time Wave theory yesterday – a wild concept that also shows an end to “time?” in December 2012. Even though I don’t really think the world will end that day it is remarkable to me that this date is so present through out time and cultures. Check it out here. Also, I’m pretty amazed that the History Channel, who used to show programs about how 2012 was bunk is now showing nothing but “End of the World” programming with the new movie coming out. Corporate synergy much?

Anyway, I have not taken this project on just yet. I need to meet with my advisers: Rene, Frankie the Wonderdog, Dean, etc. and see if this might be a bigger project than I can commit to.

I’d also like to hear YOUR thoughts on the matter – so pop a comment out and help a brutha’ out.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. I like the basic idea but I think the concept needs more meat. Just a picture every day until 2012? I think if you came up with more limits/restrictions it will be a more creative endeavor. How about pictures of things that were invented before 1900? Or pictures of people born only after 2000? Random examples but they’d up the ante.

  2. It’s amazing how much this attention this post has gotten, but it’s all on Facebook! A new plan is being put together, so it looks like a project is in the works but not happening just yet.

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