Mobile Blog: Unintentional Coffee Talk

It has been an amazingly busy two weeks! Frankly I'm not even sure what I'm going to write about in this blog in particular. I have started 3 separate blogs all with different topics that I want to elaborate & include pictures on & 2 of them have trailers that I want to show, but I haven't made the time to finish them. Now I've actually got the time, but totally on accident & therefore am not in front of my computer & able to actually work on them.

I apologize if I ramble. I'm sitting in my car, listening to the CrankCast & feeling the last vestiges of a caffeine headache wisp away post 16oz 7-11 coffee. I'm a big fan of 7-11 coffee. It is surprisingly good & a whole lot cheaper than Starbucks. Although, it should probably be said, I'm not a very big fan of regular Starbucks coffee, it's too bitter for me, but the 7-11 blend is delightful. And they have a fun range of creamers (depending on location). I have developed my favorite mix: hazel nut coffee with 2 International Delights french vanilla creamers & 2 sugars. That combo is pretty reliably found in any 7-11 that I have been to. And it all costs less than 2 bucks! Even at 24 oz! That's a lot of coffee!

So, yeah, check it out. In these tough economic times good coffee at a low price is something all caff heads can appreciate.

Now I'm going to take my notes & write my roast for Drew Boudreau. By the way, Drew's Roast is this weekend. Come watch us rip him to shreds and then play improv games picked to make him fail.

It's gonna' be awesome.

See you tomorrow!

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