My Drink with Hollywood – The Curtis Andersen Interview

I was doing so well keeping up with writing everyday! We have family in from out of town, my grandparents aunt and uncle, and Rene and I have been on a tear with them doing all kinds of California things. Today they are at Disneyland and I am updating all the websites and social networks.

…and packages.

…and casting memorandums.

There’s a lot to do, it’s actually a little daunting when I think about it. That’s why to-do lists are nice, written down it looks much easier but when I see some of the tasks I know that they might be easy to complete but still time consuming. All complaining aside here is a nice way to spend about ten minutes -watch me on YouTube! This is not a WiggyWebs show but an interview show hosted by actor/director Michael May called “My Drink with Hollywood.” I do worry that some things may come off different than intended, but that is probably just my “actor insecurity” kicking in. Or I’m a total ass. Either way I think it’s a good interview and I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I know the WiggyWebs release schedule is all jacked up, I’m sorry about that. We’ve been having editing trouble, but all the technical issues look like they’re fixed now and we are catching up. “Make-Up with The Wolf” should be up today, worst case later this week. “Ray” will be on time and, God willing, so should “3 Minutes.”

Now, back to work!

See you tomorrow!

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