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I'm sitting here in line for a car wash at the 76 station by my parent's house and I'm listening to an NPR Technology podcast. The story is about a guy who repairs iPods and other gadgets, but the iPods featured highly in the story. At the end he mentioned that he was, in many cases, giving people their music back and in some cases their sanity. I don't know why, but for some reason it made think back to when I got my iPod.

I have been rocking a 60 gig iPod Video since it came out. I have never been an "early adoptor" and I remember before I actually bought my iPod I asked everyone I knew who had one, posted bulletins on MySpace, and tried one at every store I went to trying to see if it was something I really wanted to invest in. It was really hard for me at the time to think about ditching all of my HUNDREDS of CD's. Now I can't imagine where I would even put all that plastic and I don't know why I waited.

Actually I do know why, I am not a big fan of being first. Ok, sometimes I am – like if I'm running a race or something – but when it comes to technology I am perfectly happy letting someone else beta test whatever new gadget is out there before I have to spend money on it. Especially now in a world where Microsoft and Apple – hell, any tech company really – will release things mostly done as opposed to actually done just to meet a release schedule. I can wait. When it comes to my tech I want the damn thing to work without an argument.

Worse yet it seems that lately early adoptors are getting the shaft, especially if you're an G1 iPhone user! It's a business model I don't understand but is becoming more and more of an everyday practice. When the revolution comes I hope that this is one of the first things abolished.

So now I'm going to pull in and get my car wash, listen to my technology podcast on my 2 generation old iPod and read the news on my 2 year old Blackberry and be happy that they work just fine.

See you tomorrow!

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