Mobile blog? Nah!

I have been trying to get a new blog started for a couple days now. It’s been harder than normal. It isn’t like I don’t have things to talk about but I think my brain might be a tad over loaded. With everything that is going on right now It’s been hard to focus on the things that aren’t work related. This evening the problem has been amplified by the amount of food that I ate for dinner. Meat and mashed potatoes were involved and now I’m ready to fall into a food coma.

I started updating my picture on the various casting websites that you belong to when you are an actor in L.A. As easy as that is, in my current state it was actually more time consuming than it needed to be.

It shocks me how much a full stomach can effect your mood and energy level. I know I can be cranky like an old man if I get too hungry, but I forget that being completely stuffed puts me down like a horse with a broken leg. I don’t even feel like this after Thanksgiving.

I’m gonna’ go be a bum in front of the TV for a while and let my body digest whet needs to be digested and see if I can get stuff done later.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I love souplantation.

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