Kickstarter is my reason for waking up right now.

We have been busy.

Really busy.

“Don’t have time to put away laundry or buy groceries” busy.

This blog and everything not related directly to project financing has suffered.

Except the dog, the dog is good. Cat’s kind of an asshole though.

Anyway, here’s a new video for new rewards for the campaign and a copy of the update for those of you who haven’t seen it!

Don’t let it be said that we as filmmakers don’t have, what investors call, skin in the game. So far we have released what might be considered pretty “normal” rewards – but today we launch something all new, and all different: Win A Date With Gordy and Make-Up Lessons From The Wolf!
Yes, that’s right, personal time with myself (and probably my wife so I’m not accosted) and Myke in exchange for your support. These are special types of rewards and have a few extra rules:
1) Please don’t be crazy. Passionate is fine, being a fan is great or even just a student who wants some face time is cool – but if you end up being bat-shit crazy we reserve the right to make you leave.
2) These are limited to a MAXIMUM of 5 backers each. We don’t have a lot of time and are more than happy to make time for our contributors, but we need to set a limit.
3) While you will receive all the other “typical” rewards should you pledge for one or the other the only way to get both is to pledge $501 or more, other wise pledge the amount for either of us. Hell if you want to pledge more, but don’t want to cross the $500 threshold, just message us which you would like, we’ll make a note.
Thank you so much and don’t forget to tell a friend! You can copy/paste this link:
See you soon,

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