I Forgot to Show You This!

OMG! How could I not have posted this?!?!? Frankie discovered his love for fountains!

It’s been on my personal YouTube page (but don’t go there, I almost never post there so if you want to subscribe to something go to the WiggyWebs Channel) but I haven’t really shared it with people.

I’m happy to have this horrible oversight corrected now.

Frankie hasn’t retained his love for the fountain. He still enjoys sitting by it, but he’s never recaptured that I’m-going-to-bite-the-water-and-jump-in magic from this first day.

Go ahead, watch it again – HE’S SO CUTE!

See you tomorrow!

EDIT – OK, I was wrong.  I posted this video in the blog right HERE, but it was thrown in with all kinds of other stuff so I’m still going to post it here in its own blog just ‘cuz.

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