Fun Video Friday – Sifl & Olly and The Tooth Fairy

Being a teenager in the 90’s meant that I had access to two of the funniest things ever to be played on MTV: The State and Sifl & Olly. I’ve mentioned The State before  but today I want to share with you a sketch that I still find very funny – Sifl & Olly Interview The Tooth Fairy.

I love everything about this: The design of The Tooth Fairy, the threats to call lawyers, and “I think you’re a cheap ho.”

Things were different in the 90’s, especially if you were a teenager with a penchant for the ridiculous. A few things haven’t aged as well for me, for example I used to think Ren and Stimpy was hysterical but now I find it almost un-watchable, but Sifl & Olly… This sketch always brings a smile to my face. It’s crescent fresh.

See you next time!

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