Frankie is The Flash

Frankie loves getting his walks and loves playing with his toys.

Sometimes when he’s particularly hyper he does a little move that Rene and I have dubbed the “Turbo-Scoot” where his back legs tuck under his body and act like a spring for his body and his front paws only make contact with the ground long enough to help him steer a bit. It makes him move REALLY FAST!

It’s like Frankie is part kangaroo.

A really fast kangaroo.

Rene and I have been trying to capture this phenomenon on camera for years, but we have yet to manage it. Tonight I wish I had a camera just running all the time because I have never seen Frankie Turbo-Scoot so fast! The cat even seemed impressed with his speed.

Now he’s exhausted and passed out on his bed.

Maybe I should put a camera on a motion sensor…?

See you tomorrow.

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