Day 9 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 – I need to go to the gym Part 2.

I got so distracted yesterday trying to get things done that I kept starting and stopping the blog post and I completely lost track and steam on what I really wanted to talk about. Again, this is the warts-and-all experience that this blog is going to be, especially since I’m pretty determined to post something every day. So, yes, I am tired (although I’m getting more sleep which is nice) but I really wanted to talk about going to the gym!

Yesterday I bemoaned the lack of energy and brain fatigue and one of the things that can combat that for me is working out! I don’t even have to do that much to make it work, thirty minutes on the elliptical and I feel super charged. Lots of endorphins. Even better if I can get on a couple weight machines! Endorphins AND rippling dad-bod muscles.

Am I going to start that tonight?


Tonight I go play D&D.

But soon!

Here’s the playlist for April:

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