Day 8 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen – I Need To Hit The Gym.

Mondays are a double edged sword. On the positive side of the blade is the fact that it is officially the start of the work week and progress can be made with the people and businesses that have normal business hours. The downside is that it also means I have all the obligations that go along with my “normal business hours.” I do realize that I need to check my privilege because I do have the benefit of two jobs that allow me to work remote and allow me the flexibility to follow the path of O:TVCA2.0 in the first place. That is not lost on me and I hope that the reference to obligations do not come off as a complaint. My complaints are not with the jobs, only with the lack of hours in the day and with the limits of the human body that require mental and physical rest. But working the survival jobs while trying to make progress in your creative life is a huge consideration for anyone trying to make a living in entertainment. It’s so common we did a live discussion about it a few months ago:

As I mentioned, there’s a mental and physical toll. I’m tired. I’ve struggled just to get this post out. I’m not even sure that I’ve made my point.

Or if I had one.

No, I did.

Mondays are exhausting.

I should go to bed.

We’ll get back on it tomorrow.

Here’s the playlist for April:

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