Day 17 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 Another Look at Imposter Syndrome

I’ve been getting some pretty great responses from this 2.0 project. It is very exciting to have all of this support. Thank you all very much for that. I’m not doing it for the attention, but I will not deny that the attention is really nice. I have also been getting some private messages from people who don’t feel like they can do these kinds of things.

First: In general, yes you can.

You may not succeed – that’s just a cold reality – but there is no reason you shouldn’t do things.

I don’t want to condescend with a pithy, over simplified comment about hard work and following your dreams. That does not serve anyone.

Assuming some baselines:

  • That you have some general talent in the thing you want to pursue.
  • That you are willing to make the sacrifices required to pursue that goal.
  • That you are ready to produce in that field on a regular basis.

Then you are already farther ahead than most people who only dream of doing something.

That being said, I know that it is hard. I’ve been doing this of over 30 years and it’s still hard!  So today I am reposting one of our most popular LIVE Broadcasts. It’s about Imposter Syndrome. It’s a good one, we cover a lot in a hour, I revisited it myself recently and it was good to be reminded that anyone trying to pursue anything usually feels the same way you do, we just don’t talk about it openly.

Here’s the playlist for April:

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