Day 16 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 I got a job!

Well this is a nice way to start the week!

We are still getting the new apartment all set-up (actually Rene is, I have been working more than anything), and so I have not been able to do any real career work. The thing that I always forget about moving is that, while the actual moving part can happen pretty quickly, getting shit settled into its new place can take forever. A lot of my stuff is pretty simple:

  • Desk in corner.
  • Bed in bedroom.
  • TV near the wall plug.
  • Nightstand next to bed.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

But then there’s all the other stuff like couches and chairs and bookshelves and books and what clothes go in what closet and how do I fit the shoe rack there and where do we hang coats? The devil is in the details and that’s how I exect to spend the next week or so.

So imagine my surprise when my PNW agent called checking my availability?

Me: I am available. What’s it for?

Agent: An industrial. Do you still have the beard?

Me: Yes, but I’m willing to shave.

Agent: Can you do an English accent?

Me: Yes, several believable dialects and a couple that are more appropriate for Monty Python.

Agent: Great, I’ll call you back.

A little bit later – BANG! – booked! A no audition offer for a small industrial up here! Woo hoo!

I cannot share any specific details, but the important thing is that I am officially a working actor again. That’s the goal.

Now I just need to book more! winky smiley face

And here’s a new video for today:

Here’s the playlist for April:

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