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I found weird videos of me on the internet.

I’m updating this website. As part of that update I’m looking to add some additional videos, especially stuff from back in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch days. All my Sabrina stuff is on VHS tapes (remember those?) so I rely on YouTube for a lot of the older clips. As I was searching I came across the following videos:

I don’t know the user, but they seem to have some pretty solid ideas on who they’d like to ‘ship and Gordy and Libby were in that category (so was Gordy and Teenage Zelda). The videos feel like art installations and I’m impressed with how our heads were made to look like they were oversized and bobble-like. Rene and I thought they were worth sharing. If you’re interested in more like this go check out Bruno Mars Fan videos of couples.

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Gordie on Hulu and Amazon Prime!

Thanks to the glory of the internet you can now revisit the world of Sabrina: The Teenage Witch on Hulu and Amazon Prime!

See the birth of Gordie, from stereotypical geek to mildly hipper geek!

See performances from the Violent Femmes and Phantom Planet!

See a boy possessed by a warlock who is supposed to be trapped in the form of a cat!

The Hulu cast is available to all and if you are interested in checking out Amazon Prime follow the link below for a free 30-day trial!

Also, I’ll be posting links to the episodes and revealing fun facts about them on my fan page, so go like it if you haven’t already.

Do you have a favorite version of Gordie 90’s hair? I’m partial to Trial By Fury and Salem the Boy, but what do you think?

See you next time!

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