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I Missed a Day, But We Went To The Fair So It’s Cool.

Blogger didn’t post my Friday blog when it was supposed to!  That sucks!

Also, I missed yesterday.  Sorry.

I’m still struggling with the whole one space after a period/two spaces after a period thing. Gah!

That’s neither here nor there, let’ talk about the fair!

It has become a tradition  for Rene and I to go to the Orange County Fair every year. In all the years I have lived in O.C., and I’ve been here over 25 of them, I never really got into the fair. I was taken once or twice over the years but never really got into it until Rene shared her joy of the fair with me.

Now we’re Super Pass holders.

We got Really lucky this year and got ours through Groupon so our were half price! Seriously, Groupon doesn’t sponsor me or anything, but Rene and I really enjoy a lot of the deals that they offer. If you enjoy trying new things Groupon is an inexpensive way to do it.

Our trips to the fair are a celebration of fried food, terrorizing carnival rides and sushi – but I think pictures speak louder than words:

And every year we take photo booth photos, are are the ones for 2011:

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 8-14-2010 Last Day At The Fair!

It was the last day at the fair and we took Dean.

Dean hasn’t been to the fair in a long time so we tried to show him all of our favorite parts in just about five hours – it was a tough mission.

I think it is best told in pictures:

By the end of the night I was bloated, my legs hurt and I could barely stay awake.

It was a great night!

See you tomorrow!

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The O.C. Fair

There aren’t many things that are like a county fair. No matter what part of the country you are in the fair is always pretty much the same. There are the scary carnival rides, scary more in their construction than in actual intended thrill, deep fried food ranging from Twinkies to funnel cake to hand dipped anything, and a variety of items on sale that you never really need, but at just that moment you can’t live without. Rene and I went to the Orange County Super Fair last week with our friends Julie and Erik and we did our best to have a “Fair” time.

Get it? That was a pun.

The pictures tell the story, I’ll fill in what might not be obvious.

We actually started out with a few things that did not get photographed, this included roasted corn, a veggie kabob, a fried chicken sandwich on a Krispy Kreme doughnut, a ham and Swiss and bacon sandwich, the Weird Al’s Brain Show and margaritas. The food was delightful, as well as heavy, the drinks were delightful, and Al’s Brain was fun but disappointingly short. We had a lot of fun looking at the factoids placed around the lobby. I found myself wishing that it had been a 4-D presentation and not just 3-D – but it was good. The super star cameos were worth the price of admission alone – however, considering that the price of admission was “free” maybe you actually came away with more than you may have bargained for. On to the pics!

Here’s me standing in front of one of many of the wonderful meat carts at the fair. Yes, they were cooking pork butts.

Erik and I got chocolate covered bacon. It tastes an awful lot like chocolate covered pretzels. The biggest complaint all around is that there is too much chocolate in the chocolate/bacon ratio. I enjoyed it, but wanted more of that wonderful bacon flavor.

Here are pics of Rene and Erik with a giant cow statue, doing what you do with a giant cow statue.

Here’s a pic of Rene in the Future Farmers of America photo display. I took a pic too, but it just won’t upload correctly.

Here Erik is eating a hand dipped corn dog – important when there are so many frozen corn dogs available, you wanna’ make sure you get yours made fresh.

Here are the ladies, Rene & Julie, in front of the “Queen of the Mummies” ride – or whatever it was called. We didn’t go on it, we just took a picture in front of it. Fair rides scare me and are expensive. It remains to be seen if I will go on any this year.

Here’s me eating a TWO FOOT SAUSAGE! It was delicious.

Here are Erik and I just before Erik’s food coma starts to get the better of him.

So, as his coma took hold, we decided to sit in the foot massage chairs – those are SOOOOOOO worth the quarter!

The ladies in front of the sunflowers. Aren’t they lovely?

By now we lost Erik, so the ladies and I did a wine tasting. Good stuff!

Here’s a picture that Erik got for his soon-to-be-born daughter, Lucy. Good choice, sir!

Every year Rene and I get photo booth photos from the fair, we’ve been doing it since we when we dated back in the day. These are thew photos from this year.

We had a lot of fun! There are a few more trips planned for this year and I’ll…

See you tomorrow!


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