Another One For Today!

I promised another blog today and dammit I’m gonna’ deliver! Had another really good day today. It’s hard to want to fall asleep because I’m getting so much done and it feels REALLY good! It’s kinda’ like when you finally work out after putting it off for a long time. You’re dreading and dreading that first run or push-up or crunch but then once you’re going and feeling it you’re like, “Yeah! This is good!” I feel like I’ve really dropped my shackles and taken off running! Although it does make me scared that if I slow down or take a break it will totally derail my momentum and progress.

Tomorrow will put that theory to the test. Rene and I will be seeing a friend of ours in a play up in LA at the Shanley Festival. After we’ll be doing a bit of what the French call Karaoke. Before hand we’ll be having dinner with her family and running to the LBC to pick-up her camera charger. I have until 3pm to get anything done that must get done. It is a test of my time management skills, which I have to admit could be better. The true test comes on Thursday when it’s time to get back to work (specifically paperwork).

I know I must be doing something I like because I’m actually looking forward to all of it. I have production binder parts strewn around my room, emails and texts coming in about writers and scripts, and phone calls that can mean millions of dollars. My computer coughs and hacks as I keep making more and more demands of it and instead of being just dead tired I’m also as excited as a kid at Christmas where there are giant boxes under the tree and they all have my name on them. That’s a pretty good feeling!

The beginning of the year is traditionally a good time for me and can really set the tone for the rest of the year. If this week is any indication of whats coming then I’m a happy camper.

Now I’m going to go make my bed and lay in it and try and calm down enough to fall asleep. Early day tomorrow!

See you then!

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