You Have the Touch

There is a new version of “You Have the Touch” by Stan Bush released in association with Transformers 2. For those of you out there who are big ol’ geeks you’ll remember that this is the song that was featured in the O.G. Transformers movie in the 80’s where we learned that Autobots swore and Optimus Prime, along with our childhood, died. It was also resurrected in Boogie Nights
as the song that Dirk Diggler recorded in a coke induced haze. Thanks to /film I have included the videos for both versions. I actually really like the updated one. It’s very Linkin Park, and considering that Linkin Park also has a spot on the soundtrack it makes for a very themed sound.


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3 Responses to You Have the Touch

  1. I believe I may have the touch and/or the power but not both

  2. I aspire to have both the touch and the power. This song is very 80s. I like it.

  3. This reinvention is downright awful. My ears started bleeding a little and then mixed with the tears running off my face, creating a pool at my feet where part of my inner childhood was struggled a bit and then drowned. Then Stan Bush came out, shot it and spit on it. Why, why, why would you do that to such a awesomely bad 80s song. I am saddened.

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