You Don’t Want To Meet My Lawyer.

This is a video that used to be really hard to find. I have always been a big fan of the Sifl and Olly Show. They are hand puppets, it’s silly humor, and back in the day I would stay up all hours watching MTV just so I could catch these episodes. Every once in a while I try to bring back a catch phrase or two and the one of my favorite jokes was during the “Precious Roy” segment when they would talk about their problems and it would turn out to be a “serious ass *blank* problem.” If more people got that reference I would use it all the time.

I would put up a link to their website or to where you might be able to purchase the DVD’s but MTV are bastards and they not only still hold all the rights, but they refuse to release both this show and the episodes of “The State” which is another really funny show from the same people who bring you “Reno 911.”

This segment used to put my friend Randy and I into fits of laughter that usually ended in choking and tears. You might not find it as funny – hell you might not think it’s funny at all – but MTV keeps trying to get it taken down. Watch while you can, who knows how long this will work.

By the way, you’re a cheap ho.

See you tomorrow!


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4 Responses to You Don’t Want To Meet My Lawyer.

  1. Barry & Levon & 400 Dollars…worth of pudding.

  2. D’oh! 240 dollars.

  3. Awesome! And it led to some of my favorite State sketches. Thank you, sir. Thank you.

  4. Nice! I miss Sifl and Olly! So awesome. For the record, I would never want to spar with the Tooth Fairy!

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