Wanna’ Know what Makes Me Crabby?

No air conditioning and not eating.

Two very simple things to maintain in our modern age and yet there are times when either one or the other will not work or happen and then I am a rage fueled death machine who would rip out your throat as soon as look at you!

Today my AC in my car crapped out 20 minutes from home. It’s been a bit spotty in it’s reliability for the last month, but I haven’t really had the time or means to get it looked at, much less fixed and every time I think it’s dead the darn things works like a charm again.

It doesn’t help that i’m also feeling fatter than I ever have in my whole life.

Just a rough day and I’ve lost the gumption to write anything else.

See you tomorrow!

EDIT: Ha! To add to the list of “things-that-didn’t-quite-work” this post was suppose to go up yesterday but clearly did not. yay.

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