The Drama of Facial Hair

I grow facial hair like a 3 year old.

It’s sad really.

I shave about once a week and there are times when people don’t even notice. Nice to have a baby face, but for “Earthlings Beware” Rene suggested a VanDyke for my science teacher character, and I agree with her. I end up on the wrong side of right in this play and I think an Evil Spock VanDyke is just the kind of facial hair that a man like that would sport.

And glasses. I want black horn-rimmed glasses as well.

But back to the facial hair – I want to grow out my own beard for this show so begins THE 2011 DON’T SHAVE-A-THON!

Actually I will be shaving, but in a way that encourages the growth of the VanDyke and nothing else.

Here is a picture of how I think I will look with the facial hair and glasses:

Pretty hot right?!

See you tomorrow!

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