T-Pain, I apologize for all the bad things I said.

I was once a T-Pain hater. I felt that his extreme use of auto-tune in every song that he did was just a lazy gimmick to sell records and hide the fact that he can’t sing.

Actually, that is still probably true, but his embrace of auto-tune has led to the internet sensation called “Auto-Tune the News.”

Now if you’re already web savvy you have probably heard of these guys and seen an episode or two, but I was looking at their page views and noticed that most of them are below 500k, which is really low for internet phenoms. Since I’ve always been a filmmaking DIY’er I wanted to help promote what these guys are doing because I think it’s cool and if they are able to crank a buck or two out of this then I’m happy to help. So below are my two favorite episodes. Let me know what you think or if you have a favorite web show/video!

See you tomorrow!


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3 Responses to T-Pain, I apologize for all the bad things I said.

  1. I love these guys! *^_^* Grand promo, sir. I applaud you.

  2. I’ve been a big fan of these freaks for a few months. Seriously #5 & #6 are AMAZING. Highly recommended.

    Glad you could use your blog to advance the cause of geniuses like these.

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