So Many Movies!!!

I don’t know what it is about this time of year but it feels like there are a whole lot of movies that I REALLY want to see right now – not necessarily the ones in the collage above, but they didn’t have a Fall 2009 collage – and they’re all coming out at once! Rene and I have kept a really full schedule lately and so our movie outings have been limited. Besides Paris and We Live in Public we really haven’t seen much. The last two movies we paid for were Zombieland, which I enjoyed, and then before that was District 9, which I LOVED!

I just heard all the cinephiles who read this gasp.

Yeah, I know, we missed a lot of movies that are all the rage right now.

We are trying to catch up, after all film is our business and so it’s a write off 😉 (yeah, that’s right, I emoticon-ed), but it’s really hard! Tonight we are seeing Paranormal Activity.

I’m so excited!

See you tomorrow!

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