So far, not a fan.

I bank with Washington Mutual. I know that’s technically private information, but right now I feel like a little PSA needs to get out in the world. So, as was publicized, Chase bought WaMu. We, as customers, were told that that nothing about our accounts would change. This has been true, to a point. Although my account specifics have not changed, the number of bank errors that Chase has commited on my accounts has been – in a word – embarassing! I was assesed service charges that affected both my savings and checking accounts. Due to these changes a check bounced that should not have bounced and I’ve been charged for a line of credit that I don’t have. After a surprisingly friendly customer service call all things were fixed, but it couldn’t change the fact that a check bounced and that sucks. In the end it’s costing me money and time – two things no one has a lot of these days, including me.

Venting over, thanks for reading. Hope no one else has to worry about this.

See you tomorrow!

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