Romantic Evening on The Queen Mary & Ghost Hunting! Part 1

For Rene‘s (and kinda’ my) birthday we took a couple days away from the hustle and bustle so we could have some time for ourselves. We couldn’t go too far, but luckily there’s a luxury ocean liner just off the coast of Long Beach, The Queen Mary and we had a Groupon!

Due to our schedule Rene and I rarely have much time to ourselves. It’s self imposed, so please don’t read this as a complaint, and it also makes us really appreciate any alone time. So we took off and had a great time on the boat. What follows is a series of photos from the weekend with comments as they are appropriate.

These are all of our room when we first got there. It was an old first class cabin with many of the original fittings, all be it they did not operate.

We got ready and went to Sir Winston’s for dinner. The food was fantastic! Oysters, lobster bisque, beef Wellington, sole… all of it so good and we stuffed ourselves to the point of being sick.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that this was my first dirty martini! I love them now.

 Rene got a birthday cake and chocolate covered strawberries AND a chocolate souffle! Seriously, we ate until we were sick.

You could see our table from the deck.

Long Beach at night.

Recreation of the music room from the hay day of the Queen Mary.

Much of the original art is still in the boat.

We spoke with this gentleman about the history of the Queen Mary.

And we drank! Lordy, we drank.

The Queen Mary was one of the first luxury liners to serve truly Kosher meals.
The “lobby.”
The “Shining” like hallway to our room.
Long Beach by day.
Photos of the old gym.
Carnavale cruise ship boarding.

Working out on the ship.

Recreation of the old ticketing office.

The next day we had high tea.

The Tea Room

More birthday cake.

The Diana exhibit was surprisingly detailed and took over two hours to explore.

People were shorter a century ago.
Old gym equipment.

 In part 2 we go ghost hunting!

See you next time!

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