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My buddy Jeff Garvin tagged me in the #1stVote16 tag to help encourage first time voters to get registered and vote this election and I couldn’t be happier to participate! There is a lot of cynicism wrapped up in this election season but that is no reason not to participate. In fact, if anything, it’s even more of a reason to participate. I started voting back when Rock the Vote first came into being. I still remember watching the commercials on MTV back in the day. It was exciting and it felt like a big deal. It felt empowering. For the first time in my life it felt like the “grown-ups” actually cared about what I thought, and they all desperately wanted my vote for whatever they cared about. Although I may have complaints about how the presidential election process happens, there is SO MUCH MORE to vote on this November! Important, important things! 88% of congress is up for re-election – THAT’S HUGE! California as a state has 17 statewide ballot proposals to vote on, and it’s big stuff like marijuana legalization and the death penalty, not including all the local initiatives – and local initiatives are important, just ask John Oliver.

All of this is to say that you should register, get informed, and vote. It’s important, it counts, and it’s your duty as a citizen. Here’s my video:

Need help getting registered? Here are some links to help you:

Visit to REGISTER & learn more!

First timer? Rock the Vote has a special site just for you!

And here is a handy YouTube Channel about How to Vote in Every State.


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