Remembering when income was disposable…

I missed the morning, slept right through it, but when I did wake up and ate a wonderful breakfast made by the lovely Miss Rene I flipped through the weekly Best Buy catalogue and marveled at their amazingly low prices. They really were pretty good. And I drooled a bit because I wanted some new fun electronic toys – and if I had the money I would probably be getting some of them right now – but then reality hit and I realized that I do not have the money and probably wont for a while.

I have noticed that the phrase “disposable income”, once a staple of financial television programs, has become noticeably absent. I’m pretty sure that there are very few people left with it. I know my friends and I certainly aren’t carrying any, although we have plans for it when it comes back. It’s probably why Best Buy and every other major retailer is offering such great deals right now, at least somebody will buy something!

To me there are bigger problems to the financial crunch besides just a lack of funds, but it’s what goes along with a lack of funds. I don’t know about you but when I’m struggling there’s only one thing that I’m ever actually doing – looking for a way to make a buck. It consumes all of my time. I have bills that need to be paid and, unfortunately, they don’t pay themselves. This puts a major cramp on the creative side of my life. There are ideas, business plans and all sorts of other endeavors that, right now, take a back burner as I just try to maintain my regular life. Hell even the creative outlets I have with Cheerleaders Must Die!, the western Rene and I are attached to and other projects are all stuck in a funding void. We even had funding once and then it fell out – that REALLY sucked. I used to think that my occupation was to being creative but if there’s anything that I’ve learned in the last two years it’s that I’m really in the world of finance and every once in a while I get to tell a story.

Still it’s better than digging a ditch.

Now go click on a couple of the ads on this page and help a brother out!

See you tomorrow!

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