Today was my first real day back at work after falling to the Flying Monkey Flu last Wednesday. It’s nice to be able to hit the re-set button every once in a while, even when it is completely involuntary.

Even though most of my situations have not have changed I felt like I was approaching them from a new direction and it actually helped to brainstorm a few new ideas that led to some nice solutions. Maybe next time it can be a scheduled break involving some spa time or a casino.

Not that the idea of a vacation is new, I mean people have been taking vacations since there was such a thing as work, but to truly disconnect – that was the lesson revealed to me this last weekend. Now-a-days it is very hard to truly get away from it all with laptops, mobile phones and every other social media outlet there is out there. I never noticed the difference before but I get it now. I like being connected it helps me get things done and I’m happy when things get done, but I really felt my stress level drop when I couldn’t answer the phone and slept through most of the day. Not something you can pull off all the time, but I enjoyed my Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Now today I’m feeling much better and, while I’m still just a bit on the sick side, I’m back to work and things are getting done. And that’s good.

See you tomorrow!


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