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The comic review for last week is a third done, should be finished tomorrow, just in time to pop another one out in a couple of days, but I wanted to write a quick blog about something I saw on the cover of a Details magazine. It’s not that the title I’m about to complain about is unique to Details, lots of magazines mention things like this, but for whatever reason this time it really stuck in my craw.

The title was: 16 Rule Breakers That Made it Big.

People mentioned in this article: Tina Fey, Seth McFarlan, CEO’s for Facebook and Twitter.

These people are not rule breakers – in fact they actual follow the most important rule: to achieve extraordinary results you must perform extraordinary work.

I should probably go on record as saying that this is definitely personal opinion on my part. There was a line in the movie The Incredibles, actually it is one of the themes, about how mediocrity has become the goal, everyone is praised as being special, no one is encouraged to go beyond the box – and yet the out of the box thinkers are SO desirable! They are the innovators! They keep things going!

Here’s a hard fact – not everyone is special. I firmly believe that no one is owed anything in this world. If you want something you should work for it to achieve it. Value comes from the amount of effort you are willing to commit to something. These rules are always true, they never falter. The only way that the people mentioned in that article are rule breakers is that they refused to remain mediocre. They had an idea or a plan and they followed through. There is nothing remarkable about this except that they actually had the willingness to do it.

That’s my rant and I’m sticking to it.


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  1. exactamundo, curtez, exactamundo.

    i would add that in additon to doing extraordinary work, these people kept working everyday. if you want to be an actor/writer/performer, then do it every day AS IF IT IS YOUR JOB…because that’s how you get really good at something.

  2. Yes! I agree! So does The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. 😉

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