I don’t want to do the things that I have to do to finish my taxes. They are tedious, time consuming and in the end will cost me money even if it is only in preparation fees. I’m very upset about how my tax dollars are being spent right now anyhow, so it makes me even more upset to think that I may have to give the government more.

I wish they would give me a sheet that I could fill out that allowed me to pick what I wanted my money to go to. Then I could make sure that money got to fire departments, police departments, schools, infrastructure, and things that I need the government to cover for me. Do you really want to see what the people are in favor of? Ask them where they would put their money!

Here’s a story that is either empowering or discouraging, depending on your point of view. In Hawaii a group of residents, tired of waiting for the government to repair a major road for a big national park upon which their livelihoods directly depend, decided to do the job themselves. It took them eight DAYS as opposed to the TWO YEARS estimated by the state and they got it all done with in kind donations so the end cost was, basically, free!

There are also reports coming from President Obama himself that costs have been badly over estimated on many projects that stimulus money is expected to go to and, while this is good and it means there will be more funds to distribute overall, it tells a sad story about how things are being priced and how long things are expected to take.

The more I read the more I get discouraged about how well the bureaucracy works.

Anyway, I need to do these taxes. Thanks for letting me vent.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. i will say this though. bureaucratic red tape is a really good color on me.

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