Pete ate my shoes.

Today has been a productive day, but not really in the way that I normally would consider productive. When I get started working on a movie, or really any project business or personal, it really takes over a good section of my life. Other things fall to the wayside. Those things are usually anything that has to do with my personal life like laundry, bills, grocery shopping, the mundane minutia of everyday life.

Today I was able to catch up on that. It was strange to see how much I actually had to do! Part of this meant taking care of my mom's dog, Pete. Pete is a puppy and he has reached his chewing stage. He mostly crews his chew toys, but he started to discover leather shoes. He ruined a few pairs of my parents shoes so I tried to be careful. Well today I noticed, after I had already left their house, that Pete managed to sneak a few bites out of my leather flops! I want to be angry, but I know he's just looking for stuff to ease his teeth. Still, it sucks to see these little bite marks taken out of the side.

See you tomorrow!

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