Paris: The Movie

Saw Paris on Tuesday September 15th and it was FANTASTIC!

Right off the bat I want to tell you to see this movie if you have the opportunity!

Now the story of how Rene and I came to see the film Paris.

I had actually been working most of Tuesday getting all of my important programs back onto my computer. That’s a boring and time consuming process. I have not been super good about remembering events for the last year or so (although I’m sure there are those who will say that I have NEVER been good at that) and I did not notice or remember (not sure which) that Rene and I had been invited to a free screening of this movie, Paris. Because of the economy and our lack of a personal economy (that’s a joke about being broke that I thought would come out better than it did, but I’m still going to leave it in because I’m that kind of guy) we do not turn down any free options for fun and excitement that we can find. It was also a great way to see our friend Peter who lives in LA and, therefore, is someone we don’t see too often. The movie was playing at a small theater on Sunset & Crescent in H.Wood which has a name that I can’t remember.

Paris is a great film! It covers three interwoven stories: a sick dancer and his social working sister, a fish monger and his friends at the street market and a professor with a crush on a student. This film is very french, not just because it’s in french but because it is all about suffering. I know that sounds funny, at least I’m hoping it was funny because that’s why I wrote it, but there is a satisfaction that goes along with the suffering. The suffering leads to all of these people living their lives as much as they can and pushing to achieve all the stuff that they want if only because there’s nothing else to do. And there’s struggle and set-backs and defeats, but it’s witty and relate-able and surprisingly funny.

Entertainment Weekly gave it a B+.

Go check it out if you can, it’s a good movie to watch.

See you tomorrow!

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