On Moving & April Fools Day & Geek Rants

April Fools! This post has nothing to do with Doctor Who.

After a week off from moving I’m back to writing, and settling into our new surroundings.

I’m not a big fan of moving.

I like the experience of being in a new place and exploring new neighborhoods and seeing new things, but the act of actually moving my stuff in not high on the list, in fact it doesn’t even make the list, of ways that I like top spend my time.

Picking up boxes, putting down boxes. Making things fit in the trunk of a car. Renting a truck, and having to bug your friends to help you move – even if you offer them food and booze for their trouble – it just isn’t any fun. Rene and I are very fortunate to have friends and family that were willing to give us a hand. And we were much better prepared for this move than we have been for moves in the past. I felt pretty good about that and it seemed that it was appreciated by those who helped us.

It figures that the day that we are officially out of the old house is April Fool’s Day. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop and find out this was all a prank and now we have to move again (ugh, that hurts to even think about).

I’ve never been a huge fan of April Fool’s Day, it just seems like a day where the unimaginative get mean and, with the advent of social media, you find out that all of your friends are “engaged” or “pregnant.”

There is one particular AFD story that did get me pretty good and appeals to my geek side.

Many years ago when the Star Trek show Enterprise was first released Wil Wheaton posted on WilWheaton.Net that he would be returning as Wesley Crusher, all grown up and time travelling to visit the NX-01. Here’s a link to the original post: Good News, Bad News

For me this was great news! I had some real problems with Enterprise. I am not a huge Trek fan, but I like it and if there’s a new show I like to check it out. Right off the bat the continuity nerd in me was upset that they even called the first ship Enterprise. In the canon of the series we have seen in many places “all” of the ships that bore the name Enterprise – from the sailing vessel, to the aircraft carrier, to the shuttle and then all the fictional star ships of the future. Never, not once until the new series, was there an experimental ship called Enterprise. Suddenly here it is. And it’s supposed to be a historic ship?! Something people remember!? Yet somehow it hasn’t been mentioned ever before? Sure, ok. Strike 1.

Then we see time travel become a major plot point in episode one, but not just normal Star Trek time travel; a whole race of time travelers being directed by a mysterious person from the future!


So the only way this series ends well for me is if there’s some kind of chronological breakdown that erases the ship from history and we get a tragic story of a great ship and crew that never was as far as the timeline is concerned. You’d have the drama of these people performing valiant acts of courage and duty with the knowledge of knowing that eventually they would be erased from history. I thought that was a great idea, but I figured it would never come to pass… then I saw Wil’s post and my heart grew hopeful.

I’m very bad at checking the days. I barely know what day it is today without looking at the calendar and so I neglected to see that this post was made on April first.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one, here’s the followup he made on April 2, 2001: Sorry Mom & Dad.

So that’s my April Fool’s Day story, do you have one? Share it in the comments!

See you next time!

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