No Sweets, No Wheats – It’s Over!

I have completed the No Wheats, No Sweets challenge and I’m feeling really good!

Even though the challenge is complete, I still felt leery drinking my breakfast smoothie this morning (it had a small amount of sugar in it). Now that it’s all done here’s what I can take away from the experience:

  • Although it was a little more difficult to eat on the go, it was not impossible or really all that hard at all. It just required a little more vigilance and avoiding junk food, two things that are good habits to get into anyway. Once I got over not being able to have a Western Bacon Cheeseburger new choices suddenly appeared as if by magic! Thank you to Taqueria de Anda and Trader Joe’s for making it easy to eat what I want in a way that fit with the challenge.
  • I don’t seem to have a problem with gluten. Some of the other challengers noticed a significant change in their bodies and energy levels based on eliminating gluten from their diets. Even Rene noticed that her body seemed to prefer no gluten. The only change I noticed was a lack of tortellini. And sour dough toast. And pancakes. And waffles. I do look forward to eating those again. I’ll let you know if I notice a change post challenge.
  • I prefer my coffee unsweetened now.
  • I’m skinnier. A lot skinnier. I was starting to get a bit of a paunch, not huge but noticeable. It is gone now and I almost have abs again. I’m going to add a lot of these changes to my “normal” life if only to get the abs back. Vanity is one hell of a motivator. By the way, total weight loss over the period of the challenge: 8 pounds! And I need to wear a belt with all of my pants. It’s pretty cool.
  • Sometimes you just need a good enough reason to start. In this case it was bribery, the promise of cash should I succeed, but bribery works and I’m very grateful to and Darcy Hogan for providing the bribery in this case.
  • I have discovered a love for dirty martinis. More on that in a different post.
Now that I’m no longer doing the No Sweets, No Wheats I want to hear about diets or challenges you might  be doing. Let me know in the comments.
See you next time!

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