Net Neutrality – The Fight is Still On

Photo: Act.Watchdog.Net

Photo: Act.Watchdog.Net

The internet is the most powerful information tool ever invented – in the whole history of mankind.

Think about that, this is not a small achievement.

The printing press revolutionized the world and it was limited to locality, expertise, specialized equipment and literacy in a time when none of the things on that list were guaranteed. In our modern times even people in developing nations have mobile phones and wifi. The internet is the great equalizer and it has been the backbone of social change and culture for well over a decade now…

…and this tool is in danger.

I’m not going to spout conspiracy theories or rage about corporate greed or the politicization of information, I want to speak to you as a fellow consumer and  user who prefers to have a freedom of choice and fair playing field. The internet we know and enjoy is in danger and needs us, as consumers, to stick up for it.

This New York Times article details one of the new proposals from the FCC that looks like progress but is really just a re-packaging of what the current ISP’s wanted in the first place.

Read it and contact your representatives and VOTE!


Reader Scott K. provided this link to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. It is a great explanation of what is going on with the law of the internet. And it’s funny.


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  1. Scott Kling

    Great article Curtis! You should link John Oliver’s bit about Net Neutrality from his show, This is probably the best, and also funniest, explanation of why everyone should worry about net neutrality. Has some language and such, it’s from HBO. Feel free to pull the link if you want 🙂

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