More Actor Advice – This Time From Stephen Tobolowsky

Rene and I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Tobolowsky once at a meet-up for /Film and The Tobolowsky Files, the latter of which is his own storytelling podcast that is, in my opinion, some of the best audio you are likely to find. Heartfelt honest stories about his life and career that can bring you to tears as quickly as they can have you rolling with laughter. Follow the links to experience it – although the audio may not be up for long. He is starting to be syndicated on the radio and so they may have to take down many of the recordings.

In addition to being an actor, author and podcaster; Mr. Tobolowsky is also a an acting teacher and has written this article that I found at In it he talks about how to build a character and, since I’m not too proud to steal a link, I thought you might like to read it too.’

See you next time!

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