Mobile Blog: Feeling Awkward

For the last couple days, since the Japanese earth quake, tsunami, nuclear reactor problems & volcano I have tried to write – anything – & keep coming up with nothing. I just don't feel like it's ok to write about my "first world" problems or things that I think are funny or even script things that kind of really need to be done. They just won't come out.

It got me thinking about disasters, which is kind of morbid, & I checked my memory to see what I did when Katrina hit. There was no Twitter then, at least not for me, & MySpace was a different kind of thing. I remember going "radio silence" for a while, but not really anything else. Now, with a place that I feel a personal connection to in a great deal of trouble, I really don't know what to do.

There are places you can donate to, like the Red Cross or Unicef, and you can even do it from your mobile phone text "RED CROSS" to 90999 & $10 goes to help – but beyond money it doesn't seem like there's anything else I can, or anyone, can do if they aren't in country with heavy equipment.

I'm putting this out to do what I can in the small way that I can. This disaster isn't going away any time soon. New Orleans is still recovering from Katrina, Haiti is still falling apart and, even though the Japanese are very effective, it will probably take years before things get back to "normal". I hope that all these places remain in your thoughts even when the media coverage ends.

See you tomorrow.

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