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It's been a long time since I posted. The original reason for the delay was a massive blog I'm working on about personal branding & social networking. I'm really pleased with it, but it isn't done.

Then I ran into some computer issues. Poor thing got a virus/malware &, even though I cleared it, my computer now freezes up after about five minutes use. Total bummer. So now it at Dr. Sanford's office getting a check up.

I've written it before, & I'm sure I'll write it again, the level of penetration into daily life that the computer has is astounding & only really noticeable when you don't have regular access to one. More importantly the penetration of the internet is like unto that of a porn star.

I have a commercial audition tomorrow. Only a year ago I would have gotten a call from my agent, been given all the info, confirmed & then written down the time in my calendar. Now I get a text message that I'll be receiving an email. That email has all the information I need as well as a link to the LA Casting website so that I can confirm I'll be there. If I don't have access to the internet I get the text & read the email on my Blackberry and then call my agent. Sometimes they sound surprised.

Admittedly this is a pretty new system, not even a year old yet, but it is so simple that it really has taken off. And it's only going to get more automated and more on the cloud as the future comes.

I look forward to the return of my desktop, and I'm putting in a special request to Santa for a netbook 😉

See you tomorrow (hopefully!)

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