Missing the ‘Dance

This will mark the second year in a row that Rene and I have not gone to the Sundance film festival since 2008. Not a long stretch either way you look at it, but for a while there we had a lot of fun in Park City meeting fellow filmmakers and movie buffs and enjoying the winter-y wonderland of Utah. Normally I don’t know that I’d miss it as much as I do, but the recent cold snap brings back the memories of the crisp mountain air that you have to breathe while you wait for the bus to come and get you over to the Eccles theater for your movie.

But Sundance isn’t the only film festival in Park City in late January, there’s also Slamdance, the alternative film festival! It happens at the exact same time, in the exact same city and the film selections are very different. I actually came across one today thanks to the site Topless Robot and wanted to share it with you. I really like fun horror films that look like they have some passion behind them and this looks really good to me. Kinda’ wish we could get over to Park City and see it.

See you next time!

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