Marketing, Planning and The Things You Do to Make A Movie

I’m supposed to be reading scripts right now.

I’m bad at this.

Reading scripts is kinda’ essential to being in the entertainment industry – unless you’re on the financial side, they don’t ever seem to need to read a script – but so many come across the desk that this amount of reading can be daunting.

A lot of this is completely on me for being a slow reader. Even things I like take more time than they do for some other people. Funny thing is I used to be fast! I could do three scripts a day and have time for running, jumping, climbing trees, drinking, smoking, gambling, whatever! Not sure what to attribute it to, but I’m working on getting my speed back up.

In other news I’ve been stretching my marketing muscles as I wait to hear about financing. Wiggy VonSchtick Productions has a Twitter profile now! Come follow it at:

This profile is all business, none of the, “I’m drinking coffee, I’m pooping, I’m looking at may Facebook page” tweets. Probably won’t have a bunch of updates until we get in production, but get on board early before the rush!

Also, even though our initial funding fell through, plans are still being made on Cheerleaders Must Die! Relationships are being made and we are figuring out all the stuff we can that doesn’t involve money. As that stands, there isn’t much left to do except shoot the damn thing.

I’m going to go back to reading, Rene and I have meetings in the morning and I want to be prepared.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck. I’m a slow reader, too, and it just doesn’t make things enjoyable! It should be, but you get to a point when you think, “I just want to finish this!” Then you try speeding up and realize, ten pages later that you didn’t absorb any of the words you just read. Like I said, though, good luck! *~_^*

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