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In my effort to get fit again I have made the appropriate changes to my diet. Thanks to Rene it wasn’t that difficult. I’ve cut out the high calorie junk, started eating more green things, generally just “better” than I used to eat. It’s even easier when you don’t have to sacrifice taste or the things you really like, like sushi and a really good steak and fresh pasta (in moderation).

But I’m running into an issue and I wouldn’t mind a little help. Rene and I are really busy. I know everybody is busy, I’m not trying to have a pissing contest about who has the least amount of free time, and I need to find food that is good and fast. There aren’t a lot of options for that. Tonight we did Flame Broiler. I like Flame Broiler, but we’re going to need more options than that. We also do El Pollo Loco quite a bit and that’s about all I can think of that’s quick and has a drive-thru. So does anyone have any spots that they can recommend in Orange County.

Here’s the rules, ‘cuz there’s always rules:

  • No recipes – We got it handled at home, I’m just looking for run-and-gun food.
  • Availability – Ideally there will be more than one or two locations. We know some GREAT spots in Fullerton, but now that we don’t live in downtown it’s tough to get there before they close. We need spots with availability.
I look forward to your responses, if only because January is packed and I’m going to be hungry.
See you next time!

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