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I tried to write a mobile blog yesterday, but accidentally erased it and didn't have the time to re-write it so I thought I'd make up for that today as I sit here eating breakfast before I head over to the Etc. Stage for day 2 of the Festival of Books. That is possibly a run-on sentence.

The Festival has been awesome thus far! Besides all of the great acts that we had on our stage (which I Twittered about consistently so I will not re-name them in this mobile blog) there were also plenty of amazing authors, celebrities with books, and surprisingly good food. There is an undeniable college atmosphere that I completely recognize from my own college days. And there's a smell. There is a smell that goes along with college and, so far, every campus I have ever been to has smelled the same. I'm not even sure what causes this smell, but it is unique and consistent. And the energy that college students have. It's an idealism that is palpable. I remember that feeling, but also remember it feeling naive. A situation where I felt like there should be answers, but I knew the answers couldn't possibly be as simple as I thought they were. Turns out, as time has passed, that some of the answers were pretty simple, but most problems can't be solved by even one answer alone. My own experiences aside, it was neat to see students so active in their microcosim.

I'm looking forward to today. We have some cool, kinda' big acts on the stage and I can't wait to see the insanity. Michael J. Fox is here today with his book. Not on my stage, but close by, and Giadda (sp) from the Food Network will be at the Culinary Stage 200 ft. behind us. I was told the crowds today will be HUGE.

And I forgot my camera again.

I'll be Tweeting from the event all day to keep you up to date.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I have pictures on my camera. If you’re lucky I will let you have them. 😉

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