It’s Cheese!

I enjoy pop culture. I memorize song lyrics, tag lines and slogans. I also use them in “inside jokes” all the time. Tonight I wanted to let Rene inside a joke I’ve had since Junior High, but not really used in a while, “It’s cheese!”

I think it’s hysterical.

To let her in I found the commercial it was stolen from on YouTube. Here it is:

When I was a pre-teen/teen I found this HYSTERICAL! Now, whenever I can, I describe cheese this way, but I remember the “it’s cheese!” line bigger, more scared and, therefore, funnier. This next commercial, however, is exactly as I remember it, and is still one of my featured “go to” jokes when I improv:

These Little Ceasar’s commercials were some of the greatest of my childhood/adolescence. To this day they still work in getting me to crave Crazy Bread. They helped to groom my love of the ridiculous. We don’t get a lot of commercials like this anymore. Now we have “high concepts” and dramatic commercials, but sometimes I really miss the days of camp and “set-up/punchline” gags.

Here’s one last one, for old time’s sake. See you tomorrow!


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4 Responses to It’s Cheese!

  1. Mmm…Little Ceasar’s…We don’t have that on the East Coast, but we did when I lived in the Mid-west. You know, I think I still have my Little Ceasar finger puppet!

  2. I TOTALLY remember the “I LOVE YOU” dog. My parents dog could say I love you pretty close to that sometimes.

  3. I also found the “It’s cheese!” commercial hysterical, and for some reason thought of it out of the blue today, and stumbled over here as a result.


  4. Matt Lambert I recognized Sean Whalen in it when he later played in the movie “Jury Duty.”

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