It’s August 2018 and I Think I Know What I’m Going To Do.

I have not written on this blog since May 22nd (Happy Birthday Author Jeff Garvin!). Oddly enough that was also my 1000th post on this blog. I’ve covered a lot of things on here, mostly about acting and my career in entertainment, but back in May things started changing.

They didn’t change in bad ways, they just… changed.

Since we’ve moved up Portland both Rene and I have not done as much performing as we thought we would. There has been some, but not as much as we had hoped. Speaking for myself, a lot of the reason why is on me. After Frankie died I threw myself hard into work. Any work. I really buckled down with the marketing consulting during the morning and pushed hard to make sure the Alter Nation action figures were ready for our run at ASTRA. Then I was traveling for work and traveling back to California to see family. And then back to work again and so on and so forth. I was purposely keeping myself moving so fast that I didn’t have to deal with Frankie actually being gone.

But trying to keep that up is exhausting and unsustainable, and the predictable thing happened, I crashed. 

That sounds more dramatic than it actually was. In the end I just needed rest and a chance to sit down and focus on the things that I wanted so I could figure out where to put my focus. And after doing all the digging and self work and journaling and over-coffee-conversations I’ve decided that…

I have no idea what to do next.

So I’m trying a bunch of things to see what I like best. Lately this has included a lot of writing, a little podcasting, not as much acting and a return to writing in this blog. 

So watch this space!

And this one.

And check out Patreon if you can spare a buck a month.

We’re going to be doing  so new creative stuff and every little bit helps.

And we have some great new Frankie merch available! Featuring art from Karen Halker Miller, this is the beginning of some new things coming from Rene and I.

There’s more coming, and I’m pretty excited!

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