Today went by way too fast. It felt like I had my coffee this morning, put laundry in the washer and then had to leave to teach. When I work at day-jobs days like that are a blessing that you look forward to every time they happen, but when you are working for yourself and every minute counts days like this kinda’ suck. You don’t feel like you can get enough done, the phone calls can’t be made fast enough, it’s just a pain in the ass.

But I got to feel a sense of accomplishment today after all was said and done – I made Rene’s laptop completely functional again! Vista had a major crash a few weeks ago and Rene’s brother got it back to, essentially, a blank slate. She could use it, but there were no programs on it – no Office, no iTunes, just the Internet really. I have finished getting all the functionality back on this machine and it is running smoothly and awesomely.

Now I’m going to go get some ice cream.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Ice cream is a fitting reward, it seems! Computer savvy people are just so handy. *^_^*

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