Insurance: A National Horror?

Do you have health insurance?

Does your job provide it for you?

Do you pay for an individual plan?

Do you know what you get for your money?

How much will you pay out of pocket when you actually have to use it?

Right now Rene and I are shopping for health insurance. My marketing job has options through them and, since we have a business of our own, we have a few business and individual options available outside of that. But none of the options are all that good. Sure they cover things, but not all of it, and there are high deductibles and what the hell is co-insurance?!?

I knew that the health care industry in the United States was sketchy, but after looking at plan options yesterday, even with insurance, you’re still paying 20-50% of a medical bill. Our niece just had a $42,000.00 appendectomy. If they had one of these plans instead of the insurance her parents have as teachers they would have had to pay out of pocket $8, 400.00 – and that’s assuming 20%!

How on Earth is this acceptable?!

I still have a lot of research to do, but I’m ready to hear from you. Do you think about your coverage? Are you worried about the coming rate hikes (all premiums will be rising April 1st, with Anthem, the country’s largest provider, raising prices a whopping 19%!)? Let me know.

There will definitely be a follow up to this one…

See you next time.

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