I’m In Oregon. Here are some things I’m learning.

As many you you may well know, I’m in Oregon training for a new job.

Quick FAQ:

  • No, I have not stopped acting.
  • No, I have not stopped producing.
  • Yes, we are still making movies and pushing TV & web series.
  • Yes, I am still teaching and coaching acting students.
However I will be working with a new company and I’ll release all the details on that once training is complete.
Actually some of you financial people might be interested in what I’m doing, especially if you’re an independent financial rep. But we’ll get to that on another day.
So, anyway, I’m in Oregon until the end of July to train. Training has been going well! My colleagues are great and so are my superiors and the company in general has been wonderful!

Oregon, as an experience, has been the harder thing to adjust to. Complete culture shift, weather shift and activity shift. For example:
  • It is very green here, but in a wild and un-groomed kind of way. Look at the pictures in this blog and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about.
  • It’s damp all the time. I was told that this is a rain forest, technically (Wikipedia says it’s the Pacific Temperate Rain Forest).
  • Because it’s damp all the time things smell damp all the time. This can be good, like wet wood and flowers, and this can be bad, like mildew. So far the good has out weighed the bad.
  • There is a LOT of space. Lots of it. Between houses and between cities.
  • Things that I’m used to having down the street are over 50 miles away. This has become a problem in a few ways, but we’ll come back to that.
Within the first week my friend, Erik, has shown me pretty much the whole of his little town. There’re grocery stores, Safeway and Fred Meyers (we’ve been shopping at Fred Meyers) and local restaurants and quite a few little dive bars that I wouldn’t dare call “dive” when inside.
I’ve had world famous clam chowder and cobbler at the Chowder Bowl on Nye Beach. It was REALLY good.

We are right next to the Rogue brewery, although I haven’t visited yet. And there’s a Mexican place called Mazatlan I really want to try.
But what I want to talk about today are bathrooms and condom machines.
Yes, you heard right, bathrooms and condom machines.
I’ll explain.
I mentioned the dive bars. We’ve actually had quite a bit of fun in the dive bars and some shockingly good food. Karaoke too, but let’s cover that later.
In the Men’s room of all these bars are condom machines. They look like this:

One side is condoms, but the other is a little package called the “Surprise Sex Pack.” 

There are only so many times you can see these before you’re curious about what kind of “Sex Pack” can fit in such a tiny package.

So I bought one. It’s an iron-on patch.

The scary part is that I’m sure that there are people out there who collect these sex patches.
There are so many things that I’ve seen so far, and I want to tell you about all of them, but I think it’s probably best to split them up a bit so this blog doesn’t end up being pages and pages long.
Oh, and for those of you looking for Project: Iron Man, that will be back in August.
See you tomorrow!

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