I was angry!

I was angry this morning. I made the mistake of watching the morning news. I rarely watch American news for the very reason that it disgusts me. All the fear-mongering, all of the fluffy bull-shit stories, I don’t see very much actual news – even on the cable networks – and it all plays into someone’s personal agenda that barely ever has to do with me.

For example, what was big news this morning? The Bachelor. He proposed to one girl, then chose another. That’s news?!?!?! Who cares?!??!?!?! If you care then you probably watch the show! This little bit of information effects nothing! There are shows that handle this kind of “news”: Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, the entire E! network! Why is this taking up space on national network news programs?!?!?

You know what isn’t being talked about enough? The fact that a group of German scientists have discovered the cure for AIDS! AIDS PEOPLE! They found a way to CURE IT!!! Not treatments! Not a drug cocktail to control it forever! A real, not-profit-driven cure! Here check out this link to a Google search that shows you how many other people are talking about it: Google Search and here’s a link to Stimuli Blog with some specifics. That’s a big fucking deal! Why aren’t we talking about that?

Some of you may be asking where I get my news. I go to the BBC and Breaking News On on Twitter and the direct AP & Reuters feeds . Doesn’t get super particular with any local information, but at least it’s straight information without any kind of agenda.

I had more that I wanted to talk about this morning including the bailout, AIG and all the other companies that keep stealing tax payer money, and other stuff, but I need to get some sleep and review my script before tomorrow night’s run through.

See you tomorrow!

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