Happy New Year! Here’s how 52 in 52 is going to work.

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful new year’s day and that you all have a great 2014.

For this year’s project, 52 in 52, I will be writing 52 short stories over the 52 weeks of the year. The work week is Sunday to Saturday and the story from the previous week will be posted on Monday. So next Monday, January 6th, my first story, The Magician, will be available here to read. To make this first week work out I actually started on Sunday December 29th. I don’t think that messes anything up. I think the worst case scenario is that I may end up with 53 stories? But, really, that’s not so bad. I could probably research that and check, but who has the time?

Anyhow, every Monday this year (barring any unfortunate events) there should be a new short story on the blog. I look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy them. So far this has been a lot of fun! Right now I’m brimming with ideas and the hope that I had of this kick-starting my creative brain has paid off! Here’s hoping the good stuff flows for the next 51 weeks!

See you next time.

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